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  1. Argh. Your use of spot blacks continues to put the rest of the world to shame.
    Lovely design sense, as well. Also, isn’t that Jenny Everywhere in the top half?

  2. “Beans” is my current possibly-OCD-fueled nickname for my wife, Sara.

    Previous nicknames have included “Pants” and “McGee.”

    I also often say “Holy Fuck!” when I see her.

  3. thank you for posting great things on livejournal. I’m really rilly tired of looking at purple fairies.

  4. Lovely/creepy, as always.

  5. totally awsome!!

  6. Holy shit. I had no idea who this Jenny Everywhere was until you mentioned her. Kinda scary and bizarre that they’re almost identical.

    Anyway, thanks for the kind words!

  7. I usually say “holy fuck” when I see ANY girl. And that’s the way it is.

  8. Eye am so glad 2 hear u say that.

  9. Hah! If it helps, it’s a fantastic Jenny Everywhere…

  10. hi. I like your style. I also like comics i can read online, webcomics if you may. I am good friends with joe (ledank). I’ve added you.

  11. HI! We might’ve met for like a second, but I do know you as the Jumping Pictures Queen. Any friend of Ledank is a friend of mine. I done added you, too.

  12. Did we meet in NY? I think so…maybe? Yeah, I like the Jumping Pictures. I’ll be seeing your comic out in the flyer world down here in Miami pretty soon!