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I recently got to interview one of my comic book heroes over at the new Comics Journal website. The interview was broken up into 5 parts, and each installments covers different chunks of Templeton’s career. He’s been a huge influence on me since I was kid, reading his Justice League off the spinner racks in the 80s. He’s just gotten better and better and it’s kinda scary how awesome he is. The interview is valuable for the world of comics, but it was a personal thrill for me to conduct it.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

I also posted tons of Ty’s comics, ranging from rare, early works to great pin-ups and covers.

Please check out Ty’s own website Ty Templeton’s Art Land. He regularly posts cool art, original pieces, rarely seen or unpublished works, and his perennials.

Many thanks to Ty for being patient and cool in agreeing to the interview.

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