Sell Out

ZEGAS makes his debut in this oddball noir about disgruntled workers, old men in suits, and violence as a solution to free trade.

This is the first in a series of loosely connected short stories that, upon completion, will be collected into a graphic novel.

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  1. As a beginning, this rocks! I’d love to see more, get deeper into the backstory, etc.

  2. nice.

  3. i like the line work. very much. high five.

  4. Ditko meets Bowie. Bring me the second chapter!

  5. Yeah, “Aeon Flux” a little bit too. solid.

  6. God, this is so…

    out there

    but you know i love it

  7. A series of loosely connected shorts is a good idea…you have a way of making short stories engaging. I was just thinking it would be exciting if you make me a character. But actually, I don’t think I would fit in the world of Zegas. I want to run away somewhere…maybe I should go to NY. There is a hurricane coming today and branches keep hitting my roof.


  8. I’m working on more Zegas chapters that reveal more backstory and character development. Thanks for the kind words and I hope to get the stuff out there as soon as possible. You know how it goes…

  9. I didn’t realize you had so much pre-panorama work! Crap, I’m never gonna get any work done now.

    Early lunch.

  10. I just re-read this not realizing I’d read and comented before.

    THAT FACE! THAT MASK! It’s like my ideal hero. Seriously.