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I was going through some old files of mine the other day and came across a couple of drawings, each on one side of the same paper. I think they were scribbled on the nearest sheet in an inspired post-movie frenzy. I had seen “Friday the 13th part V” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”… in a row. My parents were asleep. I was six years old.

How did I have a concept of neck holes back then??

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Man, I loved Ghostbusters (still do), but somehow I managed to see these films! It was circumstance!

My first movie theater experiences were two sequels: Nightmare on Elm St. 2 (first onscreen boob for me!) and Alien 2, which I actually spent with my hands covering my face in horror throughout the entire film!!

Yeah, I saw that recently and it still holds up! It has always been a favorite of mine, so I’m glad it’s still creepy.

Friday the 13th on the other hand, I can make no promises…

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