I was going through some old files of mine the other day and came across a couple of drawings, each on one side of the same paper. I think they were scribbled on the nearest sheet in an inspired post-movie frenzy. I had seen “Friday the 13th part V” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”… in a row. My parents were asleep. I was six years old.

How did I have a concept of neck holes back then??

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  1. Six years old, huh? That explains a lot…

  2. Chain saw Mess-a-care!

  3. And then we “learn” how to draw years later and our art never retains that unbridled “innocence.”

  4. Why you gotta keep dialing up the awesome?

  5. Leatherface’s mask is amazing. And I love the expression on the severed head by his foot.

    I was only doodling Ghostbusters when I was six.. you were in a whole different place.

  6. I second that emotion. Watching those flicks at age six?! I can’t even watch “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” to this day

  7. baby genius!

  8. Sie, sind Freund zu freundlich!

  9. Man, I loved Ghostbusters (still do), but somehow I managed to see these films! It was circumstance!

    My first movie theater experiences were two sequels: Nightmare on Elm St. 2 (first onscreen boob for me!) and Alien 2, which I actually spent with my hands covering my face in horror throughout the entire film!!

  10. Cuz I know you’re gonna pick up the phone and gimme some of the same, that’s why!

  11. You’re too cute with your word-play, sir.

    Double haw.

  12. Consider this my earliest foray into “folk art”.

    Or my submission to Fort Thunder.

  13. Yeah, I saw that recently and it still holds up! It has always been a favorite of mine, so I’m glad it’s still creepy.

    Friday the 13th on the other hand, I can make no promises…

  14. Du bist wunderbar!

  15. That’s it, I’m selling my Television!