The Trevor Von Eeden interview I conducted is finally out! It’s in The Comics Journal #298 and like the cover states, it’s a brutally honest take on Von Eeden’s early years, working at Marvel Comics, the demise of Thriller, his relations with Lynn Varley & Frank Miller, industry politics, racism, lawsuits, and much more. An excerpt can be seen at The Comics Journal site.

Batman & the Outsiders #14, written by mike W. Barr, November, 1984.

Behind the cut there are a few interview responses that were edited out from the final piece, a slew of artwork that complements the interview, and creator quotes by Mark Waid, David Mazzucchelli, Tony Isabella, and Erik Larsen. Major thanks to Johnny Bacardi aka jbacardi for his help in connecting me with Von Eeden and for his fantastic Thriller articles.